Sharpening Services

Sharpening Services

Professional design, fabrication, grinding and resharpening of specialised cutting tooling.


Our range of CNC, NC and Auto machines along with our Shadow graph measuring facilities allow Renlaw to offer a superior sharpening service. Using CBN super abrasive grinding wheels and high pressure coolant we are able to sharpen with excellent surface finishes, precise geometries and reduced thermal shock from machining when compared with standard toothing procedures. Our sharpening service also offers excellent turnaround times to keep your production going.

10 point servicing program:


– Pick up

– Receive (Allocate job number)

– Inspect/clean

– Measure and Straighten (if nessesary)

– Sort by steel composition (HSS/TC etc.)

– Grind

– Super finish/polish cutting edge

– Hone edge

– Final inspection

– Deliver

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