CNC Manufacturing

CNC Manufacturing

Professional design, fabrication, grinding and resharpening of specialised cutting tooling.

Renlaw is able to produce a comprehensive range of blades and tools crafted for your manufacturing demands and specialised for your field.


With our high-tech CNC grinding machinery, Renlaw is able to offer a superior manufacturing and re sharpening service. Super-abrasive grinding, using CBN or Diamond wheels, provides tooling with a much higher cutting performance compared to standard processes due to excellent surface finishes, precise tooth geometries and reduce thermal shock (using high pressure coolant).


In addition to standard procedure we are able to offer non-standard tooling and material specific cutting geometries. Rensaw – our metal-cutting blade department has a range of CNC and NC machines to offer high precision grinding of high speed steel saw blades. Rensaw saw blanks are important from Europe and toothed in our factory, enabling us to supply customer-specific cutting solutions and any possible angle and tooth-form configuration.

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