Renlaw Sharpening Engineering

Professional design, fabrication, grinding and resharpening of specialised cutting tooling.

Sharpening engineering is an industry which requires uncompromising attention to detail to ensure the highest quality cutting tooling. Renlaw is an industry leader in the supply and refurbishing of industrial cutting tooling because we are dedicated to those details.

Grooving tools

Renlaw Product Range

Workshop Tooling With our modern facilities and broad range of experience, Renlaw is able to both manufacture and sharpen a comprehensive range on engineering tooling, both standard and specialised. With our 5-axis CNC tool & cutter grinder we are able to grind tooling to high tolerances with excellent surface finishes.


Renlaw Services

We offer a wide range of grinding solutions to local firms and our clients abroad. Our main services include the design, fabrication and grinding of specialised cutting tooling and the regrinding/ sharpening of existing tooling.


Blade manufacturing in South Africa

Renlaw has been at the forefront of blade manufacturing in South Africa for over 30 years. A family owned business, Renlaw was established in 1985 by Swiss toolmaker, Walter Brunner, who saw the need of a quality grinding service in Cape Town, and has since kept Renlaw at the forefront of blade manufacturing through ongoing investment in the latest technology.

Tools by Industry

Renlaw is committed to more than just the highest qulaity in engineering tooling, we also understand that as a local industry in South Africa we have a responsibility to our local community and its upliftment. Read more about our community involvement on our blog


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